Torah Funds  

Torah Funds


TORAH Funds support education. They include :

  • Torah Fund: A general fund that supports education.
  • L’Dor Va Dor Lavine Education Fund: Annual distributions are used to support congregational learning at Temple Isaiah.
  • L’Dor Va Dor Sandy and Herb Pollack School Tuition Fund: Annual distributions are used to reduce the amount charged for religious school tuition.
  • L’Dor Va Dor Cushner Youth Enrichment Fund: Annual distributions are used to support early childhood education, including the instructional, curricular, programmatic, and administrative needs of early education, and the position of the Early Childhood Educator.
  • Leo Dunn Family Education Fund: Supports programs that enable parents and children to participate together in Jewish learning experiences, such as the Jewish Parenting Workshop and Family B'Mitzvotav.
  • Religious School Fund: Allows the religious school to implement new and innovative programs. It also provides Temple Isaiah students with scholarships to retreats and programs they might otherwise be unable to attend.
  • Special Needs Education Fund: Enables the religious school to accommodate students with individualized needs in both self-contained and mainstreamed classes by funding such things as classroom aides and special-needs teaching materials.
  • Adult Education Fund: Supports the development of innovative adult education programming and helps to bring scholars of exceptional talent to Temple Isaiah’s annual Scholar’s Weekend.
  • Sinai Arts Fund: Supports art activities for religious school students.
  • Library Fund: Supports acquisition of new materials for the library.

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