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Parent Learning

"If you truly wish your children to study Torah, study it yourself in their presence. They will follow your example. Otherwise they will not themselves study Torah, but will simply instruct their children to do so."

(Rabbi Menahem Mendel of Kotsk)                        

2017 - 2018 Programs and Classes

"Parenting Through a Jewish Lens" at Temple Isaiah
Sundays, October 22nd, November 5th & 19th, December 3rd & 17th and January 21st
9:00 a.m. - 10:30 a.m


More details and registration at website hebrewcollege.edu/parenting. Contact by email at parenting@hebrewcollege.edu or call 617-559-8734.

Your expert instructor will facilitate discussions based on these topics. Please bring your own questions and concerns, as well!

Parenting Through a Jewish Lens (ages 0-10)

Curriculum Overview

Part One: In Our Home

  1. Towards Joyful Parenting
  2. Infusing Our Lives with Meaning
  3. Finding Peace in Our Homes
  4. Shabbat: A Time to Reconnect and Recharge
  5. Parenting at a Time of Loss
  6. Parenting for Kindness

Part Two: In The World 

  1. Parenting for Responsibility
  2. Parenting for Resiliency
  3. Nurturing the Wow
  4. Making Space for Self-Expression
  5. Fostering a connection to the Land of Israel
  6. Hopes & Dreams for Our Children