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March 2016
On March 1, 2016 we launched this site, which is a new version of the previous Temple web site. We will be using this site for several months while we build a really new site with Jvillage, launching (hopefully) in early summer 2016.
If you run into any difficulties with this web site, please contact generalinfo@templeisaiah.net or call the Temple office.

The prior web site was launched in September 2009. It is the result of a year-long collaborative effort of volunteers from inside and outside the Temple community, and led by President Margie Bogdanow.

A core implementation group, led by Project Manager Bill Rosenfeld and augmented by numerous others, conducted a needs assessment and analysis, selected an operating platform, and then designed, built and populated the site. The Temple staff and lay leadership participated actively throughout site development. Even our students got involved, helping "stress test" the site on launch day.

Though we risk omitting the names of some who provided material support, the congregation wishes to thank the following for their considerable contributions:  Peter Albin, Karen Freidberg, Rachel Hayes, Evan Morton, Michael Pearlman, Lance Prager, Peter Shaw, Barry Tuber, and Bob Zacher.  Betsy Herman and Marilyn Stern have been instrumental in building content.

Current site photos were provided by Roy Crystal, Barry Tuber, and Naomi Priver on behalf of the 50th Anniversary Committee. We are seeking additional photographs that will enhance the presentation of content on the site, and if you have pictures you think would be suitable, we would welcome hearing from you here.

Special thanks are due to Fran Lewitter, for her years of service as Webmaster of our former web site. She also shared her invaluable knowledge of how members contribute to and use our site, and actively participated in the numerous meetings, planning sessions and the content development process that made the new site possible.

Today, you see Phase I of our new site roll-out. Phase II is already in process, and we welcome your feedback and input about how we're doing and where we should go next. We also welcome your volunteer effort as we enhance our site and continue to share the community we know as Temple Isaiah with our members and visitors.