Sisterhood Wellness Program on Medical Marijuana  

Sisterhood Wellness Program on Medical Marijuana

Thursday, March 23, 2017 7:00 PM   -   9:30 PM
Location: Meeting Room

Wellness Program I: Exploring the Potential Benefits of Medical Marijuana

7:00 p.m. Refreshments and social
7:30 p.m. Program

Programs in the Sisterhood Wellness Series are free to Temple Isaiah Sisterhood members.
Everyone is welcome to attend. The suggested donation is $10 for non-Sisterhood members.

The guest speaker will be Dr. Karen Munkacy, founder and president of Garden Remedies, the first medical marijuana dispensary in Newton, Massachusetts. She will discuss what everyone needs to know about medical marijuana. Her talk will cover state policies, the differences between regulated marijuana and black market product, edibles, and the wide variety of pain relieving benefits of medical marijuana.

Dr. Munkacy's medical experience is extensive. In addition to her background as a board certified anesthesiologist and pain management specialtist, she is a former faculty member at UCLA and USC Medical Centers in Los Angeles, and has worked as a reseracher and international medical consultant. She is fellowship trained in pain management and received her medical degreee from the Universtity of Michigan Medical School. Her undergraduate degree is from the University of Michigan.

As a breast cancer survivor, Dr. Munkacy extensively researched pain management solutions for her medical condition. Though initially skeptical about the benefits of medical marijuana, she learned through research how medical marijuana relieves chronic pain from cancer treatments and a various other chronic and debilitating medical conditions.

"As a doctor, cancer patient in remission, wife, and mother, I have compassion for anyone who can be helped by medial marijauna. Throughout my career, patients had told me that medical marijuana provided a significant amount of relief for them. As a physician, I had my doubts. It was not until I did my own research that I discovered medical marijuana provided unique benefits not just for cancer patients, but also for those suffering from a multitude of medical conditions. It's also one of the safest medicines any patient can take."

- Dr. Karen Munkacy