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Holocaust Torah


The Kolin Torah


Rabbi Yales dedication of the Torah in 1972

There are many interesting website links. Here are a few: --This site has lots of information about the origins of the scrolls, their age, how they were restored and where they are now. --This is the site of the Czech Torah Network, which has a wide variety of information about the scrolls and lots of sources for further investigation –This is a booklet put together by the Northwood & Pinner Liberal Synagogue about scrolls from Kolin and other places in the region. It has information about the communities and some great pictures, too. --This site is from a conservative congregation in New Jersey that also has a Kolin scroll –This is a response written by the Central Conference of American Rabbis, addressing the question of whether it is kosher to read from a damage holocaust scroll

 Help Restore the Kolin Torah

A group of congregants will be meeting throughout the summer (daytime and evenings) to unroll and clean the Kolin Torah. If you would like to volunteer to help with this community effort, please email